About Me

Hello there. Welcome to this photo blog. As you might have guessed by now my name is Bart Kevelham and I have a hobby: Photography. And although the name of this website might imply otherwise, it’s just that; a hobby. From time to time I like to share with the world what I see and create. If you’re interested, why not follow me and leave the occasional comment.

All the photos on this blog are mine. As such I hold the copyright. Without my explicit permission you are not allowed to use them in any way shape or form. But I am a reasonable chap. Should you wish to use any of the photographs, feel free to contact me by leaving a comment on the photo you would like to use and how I can contact you. And in case you would like to purchase any of the photos, have a look at http://www.500px.com/bkevelham for some options.

Should you have come here by mistake and if you’re looking for my regular site, then please head over to http://bart.kevelham.com. Thanks for visiting!